Ronak Tejarat Jam Company operates in the field of supplying and supplying all kinds of military textiles, industrial textiles, public textiles, as well as cotton fibers, polyester and viscose from foreign sources and its supply to the country’s textile factories.

The products produced by this company are marketed with ronak tejarat jam, taf tex and fakhrian brands, and all manufactured products have technical specifications and product identification.

The company will use all its facilities to meet the needs and wants of customers by using experienced, specialized and motivated forces.

The company’s priorities:

  • Provide quality products at reasonable prices
  • Speed and accuracy in work
  • Fulfilling obligations and satisfying stakeholders

Our services


General textiles

Production of all kinds of shirts, jeans, coats and all kinds of men's shirts and men's underwear

Industrial textiles and uniforms

Production of industrial textiles and uniforms such as all kinds of fabrics and clothing

Military textiles

Production of military textiles such as shirts, overcoats, lining and clothing

Clothing is recognized as a second human need. Over time, this human need has undergone many changes. Variables such as climate, location and occupation, occupation and profession, health and well-being have gradually caused changes and separation in raw materials and production process and sewing designs and models, so that today for each field, including raw materials and production process, certain standards It has been developed and presented and manufacturers are obliged to comply with those standards.

Ronak Tejarat Jam Company, as a specialized company in the field of textile, tries to produce and supply textiles in accordance with the international, national and trade standards set in each field, by using experienced and expert textile managers and experts.

The most important areas of activity of this company are the supply of raw materials such as domestic and foreign cotton and the production of military, industrial and general clothing. The military and industrial spheres, such as clothing, orkut, blouses, pants, and sheets, are usually subject to national standards, but the general sphere, such as shirts, shirt fabrics, underwear, and bedding, is subject to international standards.

In this company, military and industrial fabrics and clothing with the brand “Ronak tejarat jam” and general clothing with the brand “TAFTEX” and general fabrics with the brand “FAKHRIAN” are produced and supplied. Ronak Tejarat Jam Company tries to establish close relations with successful domestic and foreign centers and companies in the textile industry.

In line with customer-oriented principles, to always offer the best and highest quality products to its customers in a timely manner and in the shortest possible time at the most appropriate price, and in the field of technical and engineering services by providing honest advice to achieve customer goals and requests. Effort, commitment, innovation and quality assurance guarantee the maintenance of a long-term relationship with the company’s customers.

Relying on God Almighty and with the support of business experiences and benefiting from the power of modern textile sciences and the ability and support of this company, you can have a brotherhood every day to improve the quality of your services. In the hope of a prosperous and free Iran

Today, the use of nylon and disposable nylon bags has strongly penetrated into the social and consumer culture of people in all countries, and millions of tons of non-degradable nylon are released into the environment every year, so that even in the most remote places and pristine nature, we see Release and waste of nylon
In addition to the danger to the environment and the creatures of the universe, this issue creates ugly landscapes that we have all certainly witnessed such scenes in nature.
Ronak Tejarat Jam Company and its personnel as a small member of the body of the universe in line with its social responsibility and considering the type of activity of the company which is in the field of textile, write the slogan of environment, read life, replace plant bags with nylon Has an opinion
Although small, it is influential in this regard and in its consumption cycle has used the use of reusable bags instead of nylon and disposable bags. We believe that respect for nature is respect for life and respect for life is respect for the Creator.
Write the environment; Let’s read life.
Replacing plant bags with nylon
-Let’s keep the environment clean like a plain full of flowers

Our professional and wonderful team

Farhad Ketabi

General Textile Sales Manager


Habib Farshbaf

Director of Public Textile Production



Haniyeh Sadat Oliazadeh

Project Manager


Seyed Hossein Oliazadeh

Member of the Board and Vice President of Commerce


hossein dehghannezhad

Military Textile Sales Manager



financial manager




Member of the Board of Directors and Managing Director



Industrial Textile Sales Manager


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